Russian Elite Circle


Russian Elite Circle was founded in January 2011. It is the worldwide first and only private luxury network in Russian language.

This online-community is for extraordinary and exclusive people like personalities, actors, film producers, musicians, models, fashion designers and high-flying enterprisers.

Entrance is only allowed with a private invitation from an existing member.

„The main aim of Russian Elite Circle is to stay exclusive over the long term in an attempt to control the number of members: it’s about quality, not quantity.“ (Philip Severin, General Manager)
Each request for membership is proofed individually by the REC- team.
This strict security ensures that members enjoy a well-protected privacy which is today very infrequently.

Technically the International Elite Circle is more or less exactly on par with Facebook. Many innovative features enable one to build an individual and appealing account. One has, of course, the opportunity to be connected with a great many interesting people and to build upon one’s private, and business contacts.

Luxury is also emphasized. The platform is the ticket to any number of special VIP-activities you can choose from, and also features an integrated shop where members can browse, rent, or buy private jets, yachts and properties worldwide.

The Russian Elite Circle is growing very well and it is possible that the membership of that network will turn into a real status symbol.