With the backstage and runway photos by Zoran Trifunovic

Asher Levine presented his Spring/Summer 2012 collection during the New York Fashion week on Saturday, September 10th 2011. A capacity audience was trilled with the show which this young designer prepared at the NY BoConcept showroom. Combinig futuristics elements with the raw street style edginess, Asher makes the men look sexy in this wearable collection, which much like designer, has become more refined and closer to a tailored subversive subtlety. And we definitelly got infected by it. Stage.118 is Asher’s fourth collection, through which the designer celebrates his continued maturity as he conceptualizes a world from which to draw inspiration. The theme of the collection builds on past motifs and established iconography and retains Levine’s affliction with exploring a biological thriller which becomes a gateway to an alternate reality where Levine can play.

Levine maintains his fascination with challenging and expanding established understanding of fashion beyond practicality to a conceptual expression of culture, politics, and identity. The clothes at one stage are utilitarian and sporty, but evolve to become spine-y, timorous creatures with sculpted wear and accessories by Tyson Talbert.

We just can’t help loving Asher’s energy and creativity and the way how he established himself as a spectacular clothes engineer, which in many ways have led him to attain both a cult-like underground following and a strong celebrity clientele with the likes of: Lady GaGa, The Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars, and the Scissor Sisters, just to name a few. However, it is this commercial line, originally dreamed about by a 10-year old boy, that is becoming the star and not merely due to his clientele.
kontraPLAN is also bringing you behind the scene photos and a bit of atmosphere from the runway show, taken by our photographer Zoran Trifunovic. Enjoy in this extra treat below.

The runway looks was styled by Andrew Mukamal with hair by Eric Alt, and make-up by Alejandro Calvani. The show was produced to an original composition by Jeremy Stewart.
Video campaign for this collection, directed by Matthew Schaff, is giving a better insight in the Asher’s world of Stage.118.

The world that Levine conceptualizes provides a fertile ground for his imagination to run wild and his designs to take shape. This collection, grounded in very real influences and inspirations, is most approachable-to-date and yet, retains Levine’s wondrously weird aesthetic, which he has become known for. The defining factor evident this season is the designer’s evolution and maturity both in his artistry and clothing sensibility.

Apart from this collection, Asher also collaborated with Nicola Formichetti on a line of limited-edition t-shirts, Asher x Nicola, that are now on sale at pop-up shop Nicola’s in New York.

Asher Levine during the rehersal for his show, photo by Zoran Trifunović

Levine, a boy out of Port Charlotte, FL arrived in New York (not too long ago) to complete a degree in Managerial Entrepreneurship at Pace University, understanding that fashion, just like any other industry, is fundamentally a business. Shortly after graduating and with little over a decade of design experience, he started his eponymous label out of his basement in the West Village. It wasn’t long before his luridly edgy menswear designs took root in the community.

Consistent with his previous collections, his work wrecks havoc with the theme of organicism in fashion. The work, often heavily influenced by the natural world, not only flirts with the ideas of the visceral, but also, takes an explorative stance on the human figure and its condition. His seductive designs are in a constant state of flux between: fluidity and rigidity; beauty and disfigurement; abstraction and form; darkness and lightness.
A way to go Asher! We can’t wait to see more from you.