Pictures from the Lesbian Underground


Phyllis Christopher is San Francisco photographer who has been taking kinky and provocative photographs of lesbians since the 90s.


Phyllis Christopher originally from Buffalo, New York. She moved up to San Francisco in ’89.

“The 90s was the perfect time to be here and be a lesbian”, tells Phyllis to SF Station.

She used to work for On Our Backs magazine, attending sex parties and taking picture of lesbian woman.

“The images of our lesbian fun and our fun sex lives as opposed to being all serious and political.”

“It was hard work because, at the time, it was thought of as edgy. We were portraying sex between women and passion between women. I still love that, and it continues to be what interests me. I love passion between women and I wanted to give it from my point of view.”, Phyllis adds.

Phyllis Christopher is currently showing Heart/Hand/Art: Erotic Moments from San Francisco’s Lesbian Underground, a retrospective of her lesbian erotic photos taken in San Francisco during 15 years of work.