The Lady is Dead

Check out this short piece by director Roy Raz whose film features a pair of tattooed lesbians, a tennis match involving meat (or something), boys stripping out of their underwear to indulge in some peculiar—and for all we know, metaphysical—sexual congress, an elderly lady dancing round a piano, and a gang of luscious hunks who soap a car before sponging down their own bodies. Utterly fantastic song which Roy Raz uses is a number entitled In This Shirt by a ten-piece British group, The Irrepressibles.

Credits – Director: Roy Raz | Cinematography: Roman Linetsky | Editor: Ornit Levi | Styling: Gustavo Matias Franco | Hair & makeup: Tomas Shemesh and Noga Tamir | Post production: Assaf Yeger | Producers: Roy Raz and Eitan Tal