Vivid Art of Jérémy Tran


After starting the Classical Dance at the age of 8 under the supervision of Christine Vandenbussche (MJC Rosendaël 2000-2009) and Pascal Cyprien (Lille Conservatory 2002-2004), in 2009, Jérémy decided to turn towards Contemporary dance that he practiced with Dominique Desessart (Lille Conservatory 2009-2010).

Filmed by Perrine Vasseur
Danced by Jérémy Tran

With his strong training, he got many awards, notably the gold medal at the National Conference of Dance or the silver medal at the French Federation of Dance.
In 2010, Jérémy joined the National Conservatory of Music and Danse of Lyon in the aim of becoming a Professional Dancer.


SUI CAEDERE – La Renaissance

Director, Designe, Photographyer: Jérémy Tran
With the Corps : Joseph Rioton
Filmed by Maëliss Bozon

At the same time, in 2007 he began with photography, painting, video making and writing under the artist name of Hundred. He was accepted at the ‘Atelier de Sèvres’ in Paris but he had to make a difficult choice between the the painter Studio and the Conservatory in Lyon. Finally, he decided to privilege his Dance career.


At only 19, Jérémy Tran has already worked with a range of artists, and for sure we can say this young man faces the future easily with many projects and new collaborations.


KOKKUROS chorégraphie – ACTE II

Dancers and choreographers: Marrie Tassin & Jérémy Tran


Here we also wanted to share with you photos from his shooting by Kimdary Yin.



In any case kontraPLAN wish him lot’s of luck in his endevours  and will keep an eye on Jérémy and his work.

You can check more about Jérémy on his web page: