Noetic Corpus by Predrag Pajdic

Noetic Corpus: Sojourn of the Soul




Predrag Pajdic is a London based artist, designer, and curator, who organises high profile art projects internationally as well as writes and lectures on contemporary art and culture. Pajdic is the Artistic Director of the International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women that takes place every October in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He holds an MA in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art and a BA in Fashion Design from Central St Martins, London.

Pajdic’s artwork has been shown in more than 200 international exhibitions amongst others including Victoria & Albert Museum London, The National Academy of Sciences Washington DC, Exit Art New York, Selfridges London, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Boimans Van Beuningen Museum Rotterdam, Wellcome Trust London… His work is in the collections of The British Museum London, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, Musee De La Mode Paris, Victoria & Albert Museum London and numerous private collections.

More recently Pajdic focuses considerably on his own creativity working on various solo projects as well as collaborating with a number of extraordinary. His first men’s swimwear collection for Vizeau US was launched in May 2011.

Otherwise he could and frequently does live solely on art, cigarettes, dark chocolate and breathless conversation. Drawn to extreme light, he is rarely photographed in anything but shade, wears trainers to business meetings, black tie to clubs and is the founding father and the master of ceremonies of The Pandorian.


His solo exhibition Noetic Corpus: Sojourn of The Soul will open in February of 2012 at Wrong Weather Gallery in Porto, Portugal.

When the content, subject and presentation is a story, played not by models but participants in the unfolding of all ages and both genders, it could leave one wondering of the inspiration that lies within each story, each performance. Indeed, how does one unmask the artist’s intention when the story presents beyond post modern? Captive in light, more comfortable in night, but revealed from within the ‘elan vital’, the essence of the soul of each is there to see in the dimensions of interaction of each creature of the night. These stories steal glimpse after glimpse into the sympathetic magic of moments spent, souls bared and the scintilla of heart light that pervades each second, evades normal descriptions and yet has been ensnared through the eye of a camera.

Noetic Corpus: Sojourn of the Soul by Predrag Pajdic
is an ongoing project of mini performances recorded in photography and video.


Photography, concept, artistic direction, styling: © Predrag Pajdic, 2011
With: Peter M Adams, Loukas Angelou, Oreet Ashery, Barney Ashton,
Hrafnhildur Benediktsdóttir, Shaun Carmody, Mikel Calderon-Revuelta,
Jason Eddy, Finn Eighty, Alicia Fantozzi, Mathilde Fages, Paul Fages,
Nathan Hanford, Scott Humphreys, John Linssen, Andres Arevalo-Maklouf,
Diago Mariotta Mendez, Darius Meibodi, Giada Olivotto & Kira O’Reilly
Assistants: Matthew-Robert Hughes, Peter M Adams & Marie Tatala