Heroics by Paul Freeman


Australian photographer Paul Freeman presents a sensual modern take on heroic male beauty with his gladiator-inspired  book, Heroics.

Paul Freeman is renowned for his beautifully crafted photography capturing the sensuality of the naked male form, as seen in his best-selling Aussie themed books of the Bondi and Outback series.

Now he turns his artistic attention to the world of heroic deeds and manly bonding, with scenarios evoking the homoeroticism of the ancient Greeks, Romans, and even the French and British soldiers at Waterloo. Some images powerfully and movingly convey the loving camaderie of fellow soldiers (think Achilles and Patrocles, the Sacred Band of Thebes, Spartacus); others wittily play off modern and contemporary elements; but all of them are full of the masculine and edgily sexy men that Freeman is famed for finding.