Breath by Tomohide Ikeya

Tomohide Ikeya is a Japanese photographer. His photos impress by the feeling they express. His project “Breath” created in 2009 has been awarded many times.


we control all and

we are all controlled

this is life

lived everyday

We only realize the true value of the things in the moment of losing them, though they were always there.


The things we can control and the things we can not control.

Desire, Emotion, Relationships to others, and Commitment to the Earth…

We all control everything to meet our satisfactions.

However, we are substantially controlled by everything around us.

This is life.
“BREATH” is focuses on breath, a vital activity of human-beings which is controlled by ourselves.

An infinite number of air bubbles appeared in the water enables us to see ‘breath’ with vivid clarity.
Although we breath unconsciously in our ordinary lives, it is not easy to breath under water

Losing air that we need for life, being enabled to breath, being controlled by water.

We realize true value of things that always exist around us, in the moment of losing them.

Some people accepts its control and wait for the end to come without bidding defiance to it,

The others are thirst for life, struggling against it and trying to control themselves.

That is the contrast of holding on to life, which appears clearly under water.

“BREATH” asks viewers questions.

What is the things you should know the value of, hold on to and control?

And what is the most necessary thing for your life?