An Iconic Beetle Becomes A Sculpture

Part sculpture, part machine, the Volkswagen wire project is a commissioned piece of art by designers Karen Oetling and Juan Pablo Ramos Valadez out of Guadalajara, Mexico. The piece itself is meant to fill up an open green space while giving volume to the installation whilst maintaining an open and simple language that reflects the site. Sketched on site, white lines were then drawn directly above a 1989 dark color beetle using window markers and masking tape. Although the scale is 1:1 to a 1989 Volkswagen beetle chassis size, the wire mesh opens the iconic shape up into a light and at times unperceptive form.

The wire framework then turned sculpture built out of iron. Its skeleton frame was then painted green in order to blend in with the environment detaching the visual form and weight from the iconic shape. The form is true to the chassis and even opens up as the boot and doors would on the original machine. Finally, front and back lights of the original car were attached to the wire framework to render a mental image of the real machine not however ever detracting from the sculptural piece.