Event production company and designer platform DesignMarketo hosted a multi-sensory exhibition inspired by pepper for this year’s London Design Festival.

Perfume, sir? featured products and installations from a series of designers, artists and a food designer, all in a bid to discover the essence of pepper. Each piece was inspired by Poivre 23, an avant-garde pepper-scented fragrance by French perfumers Le Labo and Nathalie Lorson.

‘Why pepper? Because it’s the spice of all spices, widely used in perfumery, and we wanted pepper to finally get the limelight it deserves,’ says the DesignMarketo team.


The exhibition explored pepper not only through its smell, but using all five senses for a broader understanding of the spice. Embracing the Synaesthetic Selling microtrend, the exhibition demonstrated how different senses can be used to engage consumers.


The simplicity of the approach is an inspiration to delivering a fun and memorable olfactory experience to your customers during events.