A Stunning Visual Tribute To Oregon’s Coastal Area


A captivating audiovisual portrait of the people and natural splendour found in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA unfolds in the recent media project ”This Place” by creative agency Instrument.

Based in what used to be a WW2 ship-manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon, Instrument is a dynamic collective of creatives known for producing cutting-edge visual content, advertisements and engaging events for clients such as Google, XBox, Nike and Red Bull. Their latest project however is somewhat different: neither commissioned by a client, nor is commercial in nature – it is rather a project built on passion, a personal account of the place they love most, the scenic Oregon Coast.


For ”This Place”, Instrument put together a dream team of photographers, film makers, writers and other professionals, who then embarked on a one-week road trip along Oregon’s ocean coast, visiting small towns and other locations along the way. The team leisurely explored the area, documenting the dramatic landscape and the quiet, yet colourful lives, of the people who live there. The stunning short video that they produced as a result was released in November 2013, along with an interactive audiovisual journal in five chapters containing additional material, complementary to the main story. Full of water and ocean mist, the team from This Place evidently never missed the chance to get close to the water: as they follow a group of surfers on a surf trip and a local fisherman heading out to sea, thereby revealing the unique relationship of the people with the ocean, and conveying its majestic ever-presence in a subtle, artistic way. Let’s hope that This Place is the first of a series of such amazing travel journals – even if it’s not, it’s still a unique example of what ”creating with love” can really do.

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