Scantily clad models sashayed down the catwalk at designer Danish Wakeel’s couture lingerie fashion show while I leaned
against a cute Mancunian student named Bobby, who had come to London for fashion week.01 Danish Wakeel fashion show

Inspired by the sensual allure of the sea, romantic sunsets and colourful sea life, Danish has completely outdone himself with
this flamboyant collection, displayed by an interesting variety of both male and female models at the Runway Club in Mayfair.
Denim, gold hot pants, tiny tie-dye shorts to die for, embellished tops and face and body art make up added colour and glamour
to the collection, contributing to the visual treat. Bobby was very excited and frankly I could not blame him! Athletic male
models with perfect pecs and tight round butts held hands and cavorted with each other on the runway, while sexy women
displayed skimpy beach wear, their pert breasts and long shapely legs on show, proving that sex always sells. All this display of
near naked flesh coupled with the champagne and Bobby, was beginning to make me merry. Bobby’s soft kiss on the nape of
my neck suggested his urgency and I decided to call it a night. Having congratulated Danish backstage and getting another eye
full of the guys and girls in various stages of undress, I ended up getting it on with Bobby who later confessed he had a
boyfriend and wasn’t looking for anything serious. Why he would think I’d want anything serious with a seventeen year old I’d
just picked up at a nightclub, was surprising to me.

02 Danish Wakeel fashion show

Photographer Karyn Louise, her niece, soon-to-be doctor Jenny Hao, and fashion journalist Samar Sadullah joined me at
London Fashion Weekend, at Somerset House. Loads of excited girls and their gay best friends took to their seats, snatching
up every goody bag in sight! The high street honeys followed, flanked by their bag carrying beaus. We argued with an arrogant
security guard who did not understand the difference between “ticket holders” and “press.” Harry Waters from Single Market
Events led us to our front row seats, while we left said security guard with the “yeah, whatever!” smirk still on his face. Despite
the crowds and complications, Harry seemed calm and serene, her silky dark hair framing her smiley face as she chatted to us
about how busy it was this season.

03 Danish Wakeel fashion show

I had never seen London Fashion Weekend this crowded before. Vodafone customers had
made full use of their VIP perks and their representatives were running around checking tickets. The catwalk consisted of
collections by 4 designers; Swan Vesta, Bora Aksu, Lady Brights and Mark Fast. Host Zara Martin (who seemed slightly
nervous for some strange reason) summed up the season’s trends and the models took to the catwalk often in impossibly high
heeled shoes that made 2 of the girls trip. The loose floorboard at the end of the runway was the culprit and I wondered how
this had been overlooked. London Fashion Weekend came to an end, in a dazzling array of colour explosion, singalling the
arrival of Spring.
Kasia, the beautiful Polish therapist at the Büty Salon in Fulham, worked her magic on my hands and feet while Sam, who ran
the salon with her husband Mal, treated me to a relaxing head and shoulders massage. We talked about relationships, love and
sex and I realised that both women were content and happy with their partners. Sam found my love life amusing, while Kasia
seemed to have an answer for everything. Sam and Mal, my fellow countrymen, had brought good old fashioned Sri Lankan
hospitality to Büty Salon and managed two branches in Hammersmith and Fulham. Kasia’s pedicure left me wanting to kiss my
own fleet or hook up with a foot fetishist! My feet were clean, smooth and nourished. I’d never seen them look so good in ages!
Sam continued pampering me with an amazing facial, a combination of the Aromatic Skin Fitness Essential facial for men and
the Aroma Plastie facial for women. Linseed, wheatgerm and sunflower coupled with exfoliation, extraction, massage and
mask, leave me in a near ethereal state. Tara, the lovely Nepalese lady threads my eyes brows and hair line quite expertly,
leaving my forehead looking well groomed, yet natural. There are several beauty therapists and salons in London. But Büty
Salon in Hammersmith and Fulham are definitely worth a visit for their excellent treatments, the skill and technique they’re
performed with, and of course the excellent customer care and service.

04 Mark Fast at London Fashion Weekend

They make you feel like the only customer at the salon and you feel very special, which is probably why it’s the most popular salon south of the river. Büty Salon also launched its mobile massage therapy service at global fashion power house Next Model Management during London Fashion Week. Looking and feeling great, I decided to elongate my treat at Brazilian Look salon, also in Fulham. Hairdresser David Albarran
was highly recommended to by artist Monika Wood “Darling, you must.. you really MUST try David!” The hairdresser greeted
me like a long lost friend and without wasting any time, took me through the procedure.

05 Lady Brights at London Fashion Weekend

David uses sulphate free products and recommends me the formaldehyde free treatment. My wild mane is taken through a step by step process, washed, de-frizzed, and gradually tamed down into a smooth mop of silky hair. Bouncy and full of volume, my hair also looked natural, without even a hint of being originally curly and frizzy. The specialised products and proper after care means this treatment will last up to 812 weeks as your hair gradually returns to its natural state. David recommends I use products from the Curlinterrupted
smoothing system and my hair still looks amazing, without even a trace of frizz although I’ve been washing
my hair every 3 days, ever since I had this treatment 2 weeks ago. If you have toyed with the idea of getting a
Brazilian blow dry or straightening treatment, I suggest you book an appointment with David Albarran
at Brazilian Look salon, Fulham David boasts of a long list of loyal clients who travel to him from all over
London. Asone of the customers at the salon said to me, “you find a good hairdresser, you stick with them.”
She had travelled to see David from High Barnet. So you’ve got to admire that loyalty!