Discover the edible art work of Ayako Suwa as she transforms local ingredients into sensuous and emotional dishes.

Inspired by the “guerilla” concept, this restaurant will suddenly appear out of nowhere, then disappear. Hosted in Singapore by the charismatic Ayako Suwa and assisted by chefs from restaurants in TripleOne Somerset, you will be treated to a series of edible art work that elicits strong, personal feelings from within. This “food performance” is only limited to 111 guests on each day. Sales proceeds from this event will go to the victims of recent Japan disaster. * By invitation only.

Born in Ishikawa Japan, Ayako’s art work began with her creation of “The Concept reaches your stomach”. Thousands of artistic and culinary experts in Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo have raved about this. Since then, Ayako has been much sought after and admired for her artistic and culinary creations. Guerilla restaurant opened from 23th June.